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Liquid Recovery Solutions offers the best and most reliable cooking oil collection to help your business reach its goals.

worker from liquid recover pumping out cooking oil from a restaurant.

Liquid Recovery Solutions is the First Choice For Used Cooking Oil Collection in the Southeast

At Liquid Recovery Solutions (LRS), we provide top-notch collection services for the food industry to ensure cooking oil and grease waste are disposed of quickly, efficiently, and safely. We offer these oil recycling services throughout the Southeast, bringing reliable professionals right to your door.

By working with LRS, you’ll not only take a huge step in the right direction for your business but for the planet too. We pride ourselves in our sustainability efforts by helping our customers recycle their oil and using the waste product to create renewable energy.

Reliable Services Guarantee You
Savings of Time and Money.

LRS is your trusted service provider for grease disposal services.  We are dedicated to on-time service and guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Waste Oil System Installation

At LRS, we offer our customers a broad selection of containers for cooking oil waste collection and storage to fit every facility’s needs. This customized approach helps facilities maintain safety and efficiency when handling used oil.

Used Cooking Oil Collection

No matter the size and needs of your business, LRS can help you properly collect and dispose of your used cooking oil all while keeping the process environment-friendly.

Industrial Oil Waste Management

LRS provides edible oil waste pickup, remediation, drum and tote disposal, and recycling of expired oil for industrial and commercial facilities.


Industries We Serve

At Liquid Recovery Solutions, we strive to serve a broad range of industries on every level. From family-owned to large corporations, we can guarantee our customer’s satisfaction. Our waste management services have been provided to restaurants, supermarkets, casinos, hotels, military bases, theme parks, events, and ghost kitchens – to name a few examples. If your Southeast business or event has a fryer, LRS has the perfect recycling services for you.


Food Trucks

Fast Food Chains

Food Manufacturing



Stadiums & Arenas

Any business with fryers

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