A Trusted Partner for Used Cooking Oil Recycling and Grease Collection Services

Liquid Recovery Solutions is a community-based partner for used cooking oil recycling and other facility management services.

Whether your operation is family-owned or a chain, you can depend on LRS to provide you with reliable services that are fast, safe, and efficient. Our network of oil collectors, licensed grease haulers, and commercial cleaners is dedicated to providing those in the Southeast region with cost-effective services that are still the highest of quality. We have a vast array of experience in every level of food operation, allowing us to know exactly what you need and how to provide it regardless of the kind of operation you’re running.

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Clean, Cost-Effective, Renewable Solutions

At LRS, we’re dedicated to having a positive impact on the environment. We do this by providing renewable energy options and contributing to waste-to-energy initiatives in the biodiesel industry, therefore reducing carbon impact. As one of the leading providers of used cooking oil recycling in the Southeast region, we’re able to maintain significant quantities of refined used cooking oil. We sell this oil in bulk to the feed sector and biodiesel plants around the world. Our reporting is compared against The Jacobsen’s Animal Fats and Oil expert pricing, based on the Carolinas region.


Effective & Dependable Service

We’ve built LRS on the belief that the customer should always come first. We pride ourselves on our dedication to providing our clients with high-quality, innovative services. Our licensed grease haulers are the most reliable and efficient in the Southeast, ensuring our customers receive the excellent service they deserve.

Customer Devotion

LRS is devoted to providing flexible and reliable services to every customer who needs them. Our highly qualified technicians and customer service representatives work diligently to provide excellent care that’s above and beyond the competition.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our top-tier solutions and outstanding customer service have consistently delivered 100% satisfaction, ensuring that no customer has ever terminated our partnership dissatisfied.

Highly Professional Staff

We only hire the best at LRS. Our grease haulers and customer service representatives are highly skilled and trained to safely and effectively provide any service you may need all in compliance with regulations.

Available 24/7/365

Whether it’s an emergency or you just operate during unique hours, our services are available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Anytime you need us, we’ll be ready to provide you with the excellent care you deserve.


Covering the Southeast Region

Once you’ve realized you need a service, you’ll probably find yourself turning to Google to ask the inevitable question: Where can I find a licensed grease hauler near me? Well, look no further! At Liquid Recovery Solutions, all of our haulers are licensed and highly qualified to provide your business with reliable oil waste services across Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina

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Does Your Restaurant Need a Grease Container?

Restaurants, simplify fryer oil disposal with LRS! Our expert services ensure compliance and sustainability, offering hassle-free pickups and eco-friendly recycling. Tailored solutions help you focus on culinary excellence. Join us in making a difference – contact LRS today to transform your restaurant’s sustainability practices and streamline operations.

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