Grease Disposal Storage Solutions for the Food-Service Industry

Liquid Recovery Solutions offers restaurants and other commercial kitchen operations with efficient storage options for their used cooking oil.

We offer our clients a free storage container upon the start of our working relationship to ensure the safe and efficient handling of used cooking oil.

When it comes to used cooking oil storage options, LRS provides a broad range of top-of-the-line containers. Our waste oil containment options are enhanced to decrease the chances of theft, spills, and hazardous workplace incidents. Our automated systems allow for pumping waste cooking oil directly into the containment tanks we provide. With our automated services and customization process to serve each client’s unique needs, it’s no mystery why we’re the best.


Storage Containers

At LRS, we understand that each client has a unique set of needs. This is why we offer multiple options for used cooking oil storage receptacles. As our client, you’ll get to work with one of our specialists to ensure the container is the best fit for your operation. Based on the number of fryers in your kitchen, we will provide you with a storage container free of charge.

70 Gallon Plastic

Indoor Container with Wheels
Material: Plastic (High Density Linear Polyethylene)
Dimensions: Plastic (High Density Linear Polyethylene)
Features: Convenient Size, Smooth rolling wheels, Easy open 12″ lid, Twist seal to secure, Seal to help hide odors, Heavy duty wheels

140 Gallon Steel

Outdoor Container
Material: 36″H x 33″L x 27″W
Dimensions: 36″H x 33″L x 27″W
Features: Sliding Grate and Steel Lid with Lock for Anti Theft.

240 Gallon Steel

Outdoor Container
Material: Durable Stee
Dimensions: 36″H x 60″L x 27″W
Features: Sliding Grate and Steel Lid with Lock for Anti Theft

Upgrade To A Custom Waste Oil System

The use of Waste Cooking Oil Systems is a convenient and safe way to handle large oil operations. If your fryer doesn’t have a built-in filtration system, our highly trained professionals will install an alternative system that we will customize and construct to cater to your unique needs. This not only ensures efficiency and cleanliness but also keeps your staff safe by removing the need for contact with cooking oil.

Caddy With Pump System

Our Caddy System is an excellent way safely and efficiently transport used cooking oil waste from your kitchen to storage. The system involves the drainage of waste cooking oil into our steel transport caddies, wheeling it to a remote pump station, and pumping the waste into a containment tank for future collection and disposal.
  • Part & Full Loads
  • Multimodal Solutions
  • Intermodal Solutions

Waste Cooking Oil Pump Station

Our Waste Cooking Oil Pump Station is a great solution for your operation if your fryer is not equipped with its own filtration pump. Using a suction wand and flexible hose, this wall-mounted system will pump waste cooking oil out of the fryer into the proper container safely and efficiently.
  • Light And Easy To Mount
  • Can Connect To Wand Or Fryer
  • Easy To Use

Fresh Oil Dispensing System

Our Fresh Oil Dispensing System is designed for buyers to be able to purchase boxed fresh oil and stack these boxes on a space-saving storage rack. The system allows for the fresh oil to be plumbed into your fryers safely and efficiently at the press of a button. The use of this system doesn’t require contracts and allows for pure ownership. The real return on investment occurs around 12 months.
  • We Don’t Sell Oil And Feel Restaurateurs Should Be Able To Negotiate With Multiple Suppliers, Finding And Locking In The Best Bulk Oil Rates.