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When it comes to recycling used cooking oil from restaurants in Atlanta, you won’t find a service better than Liquid Recovery Solutions. LRS offers a diverse portfolio of oil waste management services for food service operations of all shapes and sizes in the Southeast region, including the greater Fulton County area. Beyond our used cooking oil disposal and recycling services, LRS also offers expert solutions for the maintenance and cleaning of grease traps and kitchen hoods. With our services, you get fast, reliable care for your operation, all at an affordable price. To inquire about our services, contact us 24/7 via phone at (888) 204-2006 or submit your questions directly on our website.


You Found the Right Grease Partner

Were you searching for “fryer oil pick up near me” or “restaurant oil recycling near me”, hoping to find services in the Atlanta area? If so, we’re glad your search brought you to our website! You can officially declare your search over as LRS is the best Used Cooking Oil Collector in Atlanta.

LRS leads the charge for safe, sustainable, expert services for grease recycling in Atlanta. We pride ourselves on our history of excellence and success working with food operations of any type and size. By working with us, you not only get a guarantee for excellent, trustworthy services, but you’ll also get the comfort that comes with knowing you’ve taken a major step toward a brighter future for the planet. At LRS, we ensure all of our methods are sustainable and always recycle the used cooking oil we collect from our partners.

If you’re a facility manager or operator of a food establishment in Fulton County or the greater surrounding area, you’re going to need a reliable hauler for your grease needs. LRS can outperform whomever you’re currently working with if you’re established, handling the transition for you so there are no awkward moments with your previous service provider. If you’re brand new, LRS is eager to help you get your operator started on the best foot. With experts on staff and a wide range of waste cooking oil containers, we can tailor our services to perfectly fit whatever needs your operation may have.

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Fryer Oil Recycling In Georgia

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Replacing Containers

If you’re already using another service provider, we will handle the transition for you by contacting them and replacing their tank and containers with one of ours, free of charge.


Once you have one of our used cooking oil containers, you only have to worry about filling it up! Depending on your output volume, we will schedule maintenance to keep the process worry-free and automated.

Why We Love Atlanta

The Capital of the South, ATL.

Atlanta is the capital and most populated city of the state of Georgia. The city is situated among the Appalachian Mountain’s foothills and has one of the highest elevations among major cities east of the Mississippi River. Atlanta is the Southeast’s capital city, a metropolis of the future with strong ties to its past. The old in new Atlanta is the city’s soul, the heritage that enhances the quality of life in a contemporary city. In the turbulent 60s, Atlanta was “the city too busy to hate.” And today, in the 21st century, Atlanta is the “city not too busy to care.”

The feminine of Atlantic- as in the railroad. The city of Atlanta was founded in 1837 as the end of the Western and Atlantic railroad line. While the city started as a railroad town, it has grown to more than just a logistical center. Atlanta currently has the third-largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies. Many corporations use metro Atlanta as their global headquarters. Companies like Delta Airlines, Coca-Cola, AT&T, Home Depot, UPS, and many more. Many corporations are drawn to the city for its economic growth, educated workforce, and affordable costs. Atlanta has also emerged as one of the most popular destinations for film production globally, with more production facilities opening up yearly. With a GDP of $385 billion, the Atlanta metropolitan area’s economy is the tenth-largest in the country and among the top 20-largest in the world.

The Culture

This booming population and success brings a new cultural phenomenon to the area, making ATL a cultural capital in today’s world. With popular artists like Migos and the hit FX show ‘Atlanta’, there has been a wave of Atlanta-based creatives helping reshape the city’s cultural image.

With its dichotomy of traditional southern charm and diverse metropolitan culture, the city somehow fuses itself into a unique and successful place for everyone to thrive. With 242 officially defined neighborhoods all boasting their own unique experiences and attractions, the city offers happiness and success to any and all types of people. This attitude seeps into the food industry, with over 12,000 restaurants in the metro Atlanta area bringing rich history and vibrant new culture together to form an eclectic food scene that any foodie would love – us included! This is why we are so dedicated to providing such great service to food industry operations in the greater Atlanta region.

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