Looking for Used Cooking Oil Collection Services?

Look no further! As a client of Liquid Recovery Solutions (LRS), your operation will be set up with high-quality, spill-free steel bins equipped with anti-theft locking lids and serviced by our licensed, skilled workers. Our attention to detail and flexibility ensures that we can provide each of our clients with customized services and container options that fit their unique operations. For most tank capacities and volumes, we can even get your operation set up for auto-scheduled used cooking oil pickup to take an extra layer of worry off your shoulders.

At LRS, we will collect most restaurant grease types. This includes but is not limited to vegetable oil, fish oil, chicken fat, and bacon grease. After collecting these used cooking oils, we take a sustainable approach by recycling what we’ve collected.

Our expert collectors will make the collection and recycling of your used cooking oil an easy process. We operate 24/7 to ensure that your business can be serviced by us without forcing you to go out of your way or get your operations disrupted. Alongside our collection and recycling services, we also offer grease trap maintenance, hydro line jetting, and kitchen hood cleaning.

Waste Cooking Oil Storage Containers

By offering our clients a vast array of cooking oil storage container choices, LRS is able to cater to the unique needs of your operation. Whether you are looking for outdoor or indoor bins, or need a system that’s automated, we can work with you to ensure your operation runs seamlessly with our services. We only use high-quality equipment that works to prevent spills and improve overall safety. With our waste cooking oil storage containers, we can guarantee you a worry-free, 100% satisfied experience.
01 Durable Steel Construction
02 Anti-theft Lid and Lock
03 Zero Grease Contact
04 Convenient Size
free waste oil container

Used Cooking Oil Recycling

Not only do we offer worry-free, easy, and reliable handling of your used cooking oil, but LRS takes our services a step further by recycling all oils that we collect. We keep our company flexible to work around any schedule your operation might follow and can cater to any size or style of food service operation. With our custom cooking oil containers, we can keep your operation running flawlessly until it’s time for us to pick up and handle the recycling end of things.

How It Works

Set Up Account

Getting started with Liquid Recovery Solutions is quick and easy. For your convenience, we offer multiple avenues of communication and 24/7 availability. You can request our services via email, this website, or over the phone at 888-204-2006. If you’re switching from another provider, no worries! We’ll handle communication with your previous provider too.

Schedule Container Delivery

Once we’ve received your request for services, we will deliver a new storage oil container to you within 2-3 business days. Regardless of how much cooking oil your operation uses, we will offer you a customized free container that will fit your needs.


LRS offers automatic services to provide our clients with a hassle-free experience. Using the information we have on your tank capacity and volume of used oil, we will coordinate automatic pickups. We can provide these services without interruption to your operation or any need for employee interaction.

Emergency Calls

LRS tries to coordinate your container size to ensure you never have a full used oil container, keeping spills at a minimum. However, if you find your container full and need an immediate pickup, we offer emergency services. Contact us 24/7 and we will send a technician to you quickly, all with the same hassle-free experience as always.

What Happens to my Yellow Grease?

Also known as used cooking oil (UCO), yellow grease is a by-product of food service businesses that use oil for cooking. At LRS, we take sustainability seriously. Once our licensed haulers have picked up your waste cooking oil, they will bring the oil to be properly processed and recycled. Often, the grease is transformed into biodiesel and biofuel. Other times, the grease may be repurposed as animal feedstock nutritional supplements. By doing this with all of the oil we collect, we include our clients in our mission to create a brighter future for our planet.

How to Recycle Used Cooking Oil?

A food service operation of any size is bound to create used cooking oil. Pouring grease down the drain can cause severe issues in your pipes and the sewer and can also lead to legal problems for your business. This is why working with a licensed collector for your used cooking oil is essential for a successful food service operation.

Regardless of the size or type of your food service establishment, our experts will give you a customized bin that fits your exact needs and provide you with easy, hassle-free pickup. Once we have your oil, we’ll recycle it in an effort to keep our company and the food service industry as sustainable as possible. All of this will save you money, time, and worry – something we’re very happy to provide for our customers.


Our Service Area

Have you found your way here after searching: a licensed grease hauler near me? If so, we’re glad you’re here! LRS can provide you with everything your food service operation may need. Our reliable waste oil services are available across Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and the Carolinas. As our client, you’ll have access to many solutions and services that will make your life easier and your business more successful.

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