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    Sustainable Solutions For Used Cooking Oil: Hassle-Free Recycling at its Best

    Liquid Recovery Solutions is an independently owned company that provides a safe and efficient service for collecting and recycling your used cooking oil. Our goal at Eazy Grease is to deliver a consistent, reliable, and stress-free service for all of our customers. Our used cooking oil collection service helps businesses dispose of waste fryer oil and grease to be used for the production of renewable biofuel products.

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    Regardless of your operation’s size and specific needs, we at LRS are confident we can help you with the proper collection and recycling of your waste oil and kitchen grease. Our process is fast and efficient, all while maintaining safety and adhering to regulations. We keep our clients worry-free by taking care of every part of the process.


    We Cover Multiple States In The Southeast Region

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    Used Cooking Oil Containers That Fit Your Needs​

    Every client of LRS is provided with durable containers for cooking oil waste collection and storage. These containers vary greatly, depending on the operation’s size and particular needs. This customized approach allows your operation to be taken care of at the highest level instead of settling for a one-size-fits-all solution.

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